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Experience our musicians on the concert platform: Concert Tours from 2001 till now.

“One can hear a pin dropping!”


Our LIVE concert recordings (as of 2002) are the best proof – without words – of what colluvio attains.
In the first 16 years only the radio recordings are professional, but since 2017 all are.

However let us first look at….

…..THE DOCUMENTARY FILM about colluvio

 Music after the war. Kosovo between trauma and new beginnings

A film by Walter Wehmeyer / ORF ⓒ 2010
repeat transmissions by ORF, BR (Bavarian Television), WDR, NDR, SWF, 3 Sat, Arte, Deutsche Welle TV, Planet TV Germany…

Film director Walter Wehmeyer and his team
Jelena Horvat, Janick Čech, Ruslan Strogiy. Final concert of the tour 2021, Belgrade
Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, colluvio 2020. Sztella Molnár, Jelena Horvat and Robin de Talhouët
Coco Inman, Samuel Ng and András Moldoványi, Concert in Villach 2019