The previous garden house of the castle, residence of the participants
For the project’s period of about 21 days the

total fee (class fee, board, transfer) is € 400.- per participant.

The total fee per participant
from Eastern or Southeastern Europe is € 200.- .

These are highly sponsored fees because the number of participants is limited to 9.
There are special scholarships for participants from Eastern and Southeastern Europe given by sponsors which reduce the fee enormously.
Also all other participants can ask colluvio for further support.
Further information see scholarships.

Payment of € 200.- before 15.03., the payment of the remaining € 200.- can be done before 01.05.
Participants from Eastern or Southeastern Europe pay the complete fee of € 200.- until 15.03.
A cancellation without withholding the fee is only possible until 15.03. After that the fee can only be returned if an adequate substitute has been found.

Participants will receive in return a daily instruction of chamber music of 6-7 hours or more for the period of 10 days within their trios. The three teachers will teach them piano, violin and violoncello and will also supervise the internal rehearsals after classes. They will also take care of managing the whole tour both from the musical as well as from the organisational point of view. There are 3 grand pianos as well as a sufficient number of training- and class rooms.
Overnight stay and board at manor ‘Gut Hornegg’:
Participants’ accommodation is provided in the former garden house of the castle, a cosy house in the middle of nature. Breakfast and dinner is served here. Often, the cosy atmosphere of the house invites to get-together and socialize. The various lunches will be served in the nearby house of the ex-administrator. To relax on the manor ‘Gut Hornegg’, participants might have a swim in a neighbouring big lake – many other outdoor activities can take place in the extensive surrounding area.

on tour:
We travel either by minibus and cars or by train (Interrail). Costs for these transfers will pay colluvio.
Also there won’t be any further expenses for food overnight stays on tour (hostels, hotels). Board an lodging will be paid by colluvio. Costs for arrival at/departure from the location of the course are to be paid by the participant.

The actual participation in the project does not create additional costs. For the tour you won´t even need pocket money – on manor ‘Gut Hornegg’ there isn’t any possibility to spend money.

The musical responsibility of each instrument is very high due to its solo-like duties deriving from the character of chamber music, the small number of participants and the big number of concerts. Participation is connected with taking part in the whole project including all concerts. It is recommended to carry some medicines with you while travelling (immune system supportive medicines). The loss of a participant would also affect the others and the functioning of the whole project.
There are ticks at the location where classes are held. It’s possible to get some vaccination against them.

Each participant is kindly asked to inform himself if any visas are needed for the countries to visit on tour and to provide him/herself with them. colluvio only offers invitations and confirmations of participation.

valid passport
One condition of participation is a valid passport. Even participants who won’t need a visa for the countries on tour must have a valid passport. Identity cards are not sufficient. Everybody should be well informed about country specific regulations such as how long a passport must be valid after leaving the country (usually it’s 3 months), e.g. visas in the EU.

Concerts have an official character and are always attended by a significant number of people, but classes will be held in a private atmosphere. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us and call as: we are happy to answer openly to any questions you might have.