Concert in Vienna, 2012
the tour

this year throughout Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia.

The atmosphere on tour is always very exuberant. We travel either by minibus and a car following in convoy or by train (Interrail). After the first successful concerts there is only joy. Despite exuberance, tension increases before every concert. The musicians profit from experiences gained at previous concerts for the following performances. In this way, they will make significant progresses with every concert.

"Youth makes music for the youth"

This is a very important issue for colluvio. The aim is to make classical music attractive for young audiences and to motivate cultural exchange. Who else can do this better than a young musician?
There will also be enough time for sight-seeing and for relaxed celebrations of the achieved successes. For example, once we visited the city of Budapest on the way from Vienna to Belgrade, our Hungarian participant Peter Dávid showed us around.
The motivation gained from the amount of experiences is enduring and often provokes unexpected effects in young people such as: Interest for other cultures and languages, a bigger interest in music which expresses itself in propositions like dedicating themselves more on music or even studying music.