lunch on manor "Gut Hornegg"
A typical programme for the day during class

8 am: the participants wake up in their home in the middle of nature, the previous garden house of the castle, and have breakfast. 9.30 am -1 pm: Each trio practises with one of the 3 teachers which alternate groups during the morning. 1.30 pm: lunch on manor ‘Gut Hornegg’ followed by a 200m walk to the lake. 3.30 pm – 7. pm: rehearsing until 7 pm, then dinner. Ca. 8.30 pm: House concert «All for All». Then leisure-time.....

Naturally there are also days which aren’t as intensive as described above. The training or house concerts usually take place every second evening.

More about the environment in which the master class takes place:

Palace garden by Helga Maria Tornquist

Gut Hornegg