Anja on the lake of Gut Hornegg, 2007
Youth exchange on several levels

The young musicians have the opportunity to get to know each better either during focused rehearsing and concerts as well as during their spare time. Because of its intact nature, manor Gut Hornegg is the ideal place to do this. Only for the participants, there is the big lake of ‘Hornegg’ to have a swim, relax and get inspiration away from chamber music. The extensive area also invites to do other activities in nature.

Having known so far mostly only their own culture, the young musicians present their home countries to each other, first on manor ‚Gut Hornegg’ and then especially on tour. Daily language lessons are part of this as well as learning about culture, history, food, music etc.

These new impressions reduce previous prejudices against other cultures. Every year, there will be new long-lasting friendships and private contacts. contacts that continue despite distance.