Concert in Deutschlandsberg, 2002
The chamber music class of colluvio is based on the motivating interaction between fun and highly concentrated work within the ensemble. The participants either are music students or are about to finish school. All of them have enjoyed a musical education for many years starting as a child and have won prizes at several competitions.
One of the main reasons that guarantee the detailed work on chamber music is the incomparable, huge proportion of musical supervision:

3 teachers for the piano, violin and violoncello dedicate themselves for 10 days teaching chamber music to the 9 participants (all whom play the same genre of instruments) and accompany them as well on the subsequent concert tour, lasting 10 days. There will be three piano trios, each composed of piano, violin and violoncello. It’s also possible to build piano quartets composed of piano, violin, viola and cello; the number of participants will increase slightly in this case. Anyway, it will remain 3 ensembles to ensure the intensity of musical supervision.

Each Ensemble studies a complete masterpiece, performs it on tour and until the end of the tour, it constitutes a musical unity. Each Ensemble will be instructed seven hours per day by different teachers. This makes it possible to clarify specific questions on each instrument directly with the professional teacher. Rehearsals and classes will be continued also during touring and after having finished class.
Class languages are currently German, Serbo-Croatian, Russian and English.

colluvio is concentrated on chamber music, mainly on piano trio, also on piano quartet and sometimes even on piano quintet. Chamber music exclusively for string instruments is not part of the schedule because ensembles will only be created at the beginning of classes and therefore, one of the most important conditions of chamber music with string instruments, the intonation, can’t be sufficiently satisfied.