After the concert in Munich, 2003
Against the background of the extension into the South-East of the European Union colluvio has a special concern to ensure the cultural exchange between the successor republics of Ex-Yugoslavia and their neighbours.
A friendly environment creates an ideal working atmosphere; the international get-together constitutes a very special event for the young musicians.
The extraordinary energy in class is also translated into dynamic tour concerts which the audience also feels. This phenomenon is due to the musical vigour of these pleasant young people and to the idea of youth exchange.

Music is a modern way to create international understanding.

The young musicians – each of them a representative of their own country - show in a very natural way that teamwork can be purposeful and enjoyable at the same time. On tour they show how simple, wonderful and meaningful communication between people can be; this is a model-situation for the audiences of these countries. The young people’s peace message denies any logical reasons for hostile actions between nations. For details please see colluvio future.