colluvio: exploring new areas
The young musicians appreciate the advantages of colluvio:
studying important master pieces of chamber music and having the possibility to perform them several times on an international tour; extraordinary musical supervision due to a small number of participants; international national exchange in class; the large variety of impressions on tour; the warm and friendly team-spirit.

Exclusive conditions like these can only be guaranteed through cultural funds and sponsorship of the international youth exchange. Besides some private sponsors, this is ensured so far by KulturKontakt Austria and the region Styria ("Land Steiermark")

Extending colluvio – more often colluvio

Actual annual finance resources just allow the complete implementation of colluvio once a year. The enormous appreciation of these musical events during which participants meet the public motivate to extend this successful project and/or to allow different colluvio to take place twice a year: This is everyone’s desire. There are three concrete projects:

a) Project as known so far
b) Extension of the tour to Moscow
c) Project including an even more significant dimension of international understanding:
Musical ideas and implementation of the class as usual but: composition of participants from Austria, Germany and each of the 6 republics of Ex-Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia including its independent regions Kosovo and Vojvodina, Montenegro and Macedonia. The concert tour would include each of these countries.

All new ideas for future projects of colluvio can only be realised with additional finance resources.

colluvio is looking for other supporters and sponsors!

Please send proposals to or simply call (see contact).