Manor ’Gut Hornegg’
Every year - after a successful rehearsal - colluvio invites very talented young musicians to join the chamber music class at the manor ‚Gut Hornegg’. Under competent supervision, a demanding program of chamber music will be created and presented on a concert tour throughout Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, Macedonia.....

colluvio intensive class of chamber music is based on the motivation derived from the interaction between fun and highly concentrated supervision.
The 9 participants will be divided into 3 piano trios each of which is composed of piano, violin and cello. It’s also possible to create piano quartets composed of piano, violin, viola and cello, which slightly increases the number of participants. In any case, there will be just three ensembles to ensure the high quality of musical supervision of working precisely on chamber music:
3 Teachers – 9-10 Participants - 20 Days (10 days of full-time intensive classes 10 days of touring)
ca. 5 rehearsing concerts during class in private atmosphere
6-7 tour concerts, most probably Gut Hornegg - Vienna - Munich - Ljubljana - Split - Sarajevo - Belgrade..... in front of a numerous and open-minded audience. Huge interest of the media concerning the project; possible live- registrations for radio-stations.

Quality through reciprocal inspiration
The 9 participants build one single musical working group. colluvio enables young musicians to have practical orientated experiences based on a daily forum (during training concerts) and the following tour which they wouldn’t acquire in similar chamber music classes of the same intensity. Class languages are currently German, Serbo-Croatian, Russian and English.

After successful classes, the atmosphere on tour is very high-spirited. However, the approaching performances ensure a necessary amount of tension, each concert means moving progressively forward.

"Youth makes music for the youth"
This is a very important issue for colluvio. The aim is to make classical music attractive for young audiences and to motivate cultural exchange. Who else can do this better than a young musician?

Youth exchange on different levels
Because of its intact nature, manor ‘Gut Hornegg’ is the ideal place for everyone to get to know each other while making music and enjoying spare-time. Here and on tour, the young musicians get to know all aspects of each others’ culture and home countries: language, culture, history, lifestyle, food, music etc.. This leads to overcoming prejudices against other cultures. Every year, there will be new long-lasting friendships and private contacts that continue despite distance.

Sponsoring ensures ideal conditions

The young musicians appreciate the advantages of colluvio:
studying important masterpieces of chamber music and having the possibility to perform them several times on an international tour; extraordinary musical supervision due to a small number of participants; international exchange in class; the large variety of experiences on tour; the warm and friendly team-spirit.

Exclusive conditions like these can only be guaranteed through cultural funds and sponsorship of the international youth exchange. Besides some private sponsors, this is ensured so far by KulturKontakt Austria and the region Styria ("Land Steiermark")