Marko Miletić, 2005.
■ Come to our benefit concerts Mid-February 2007:
in Munich 15.02, in Graz 16.02 and in Vienna 17.02.

■ Chose your membership-fee individually and support colluvio donating what your heart and your purse command:
Banc account number and banc code – see above.

■Forward this message to your friends and people who might be interested:
Especially these kind of persons might be interested: persons who
* love classic music and/or chamber music,
* make music by themselves,
* think it’s a good idea to support young talents,
* like the idea of increasing the friendly communication between different nations,
* are interested in our neighbour countries in the East and South-East and its people and maybe even in engaging them.

■ Help us with your contacts to the media world and/or possible sponsors:
Please note that any contact with journalists or sponsor might be useful for us. Sponsors may expect us from visualizing their logo to doing a concert for them in return.