2017. On tour
To the friends of chamber music and the young international musicians!

In 2001 colluvio was created by Austrian cello player Meinhard Holler. Colluvio is a yearly chamber music class for young international musicians form Central, South-East and East Europe which is followed by a concert tour.

To ensure the happening of colluvio every year in August, besides the support from private and public sponsors, the non-profit association ‘culluvio, association for chamber music and the young internationals’ has been created. The founders are colluvio’s director Meinhard Holler, his sister Marie-Theres Holler and Christine Wurm. The association’s regulations will be online soon.

Thank you for participating and don’t worry about becoming a member.
There won’t be any babbling around or bothering activities.

Why is the existence of colluvio important:
To describe colluvio will soon become very technically: 10 talented young musicians get the chance to work together intensely within a very short time, they will gain experience in doing concerts and become good friends beyond geographical or linguistic frontiers. But if you take a closer look at colluvio, it means much more. For example:

* Marija from Croatia will get a great place to study at a German University.

* Daniel from Austria suddenly has his very best friend living in Rumania.

* Nemanja from Serbia who is technically speaking very gifted but musically very shy, will see - while playing in a trio - how much he profits from rehearsing and doing concerts together.

* or Anna who unfortunately didn’t get a perfect education in playing the piano will find her personal strength during colluvio.

colluvio means for every single one of the young musicians between 16 and 23 years a professional and personal progress plus better prospects for their future.

Music unites people, this is the motto of colluvio.
For the music lovers between you: It’s natural that the musical standard of colluvio is very elevated and that the boys and girls from Austria, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary etc. are all extremely talented and possess a friendly and winning personality.
But the compelling charm of colluvio is created by the spontaneously built friendships, the daily programme attended together, the legendary board of ‘Mama Holler’, the tour-trip with ‘Interrail’ and the overnight stays either in youth hostels, private accommodations or in a sleeping bag.
Come and convince yourself of colluvio’s particular charm during a free visit to one of our tour concerts in August (Graz, Zagreb, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Timişoara, Belgrade). By the way, these concerts are for free in all countries to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy this music performance.