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Auditions – How to apply

Who is able to apply?

Music students from all over Europe and neighbouring countries who have reached an advanced musical and technical standard, as well as specially talented pupils from 16 years and over.

Instruments: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello

3 Ensembles are formed from the chosen applicants. The candidates make music together as a Piano Trio, Piano Quartet or Piano Quintet.

Deniz Özgür Kaya, Belgrade Concert, colluvio 2021

Primarily the young instrumentalists taking part in colluvio have never made music with one another.
It goes without saying that fixed ensembles, e.g. a piano trio or a string quartet may also register. If a string ensemble is chosen, we would combine it with one of our pianists.

We are always happy when musicians who have taken part want to participate again the following year! Further auditions (video/audio) are however required.

Anika Goldner, Sofia Kolupov, Petar Krokar, rehearsing the Piano Quintet op.51 by Arensky, 2020
Jelena Horvat and Janick Čech, Concert in Timișoara, Romania, colluvio 2021


Between 9 and 12 candidates are chosen by means of audition.
The colluvio Team is sent many applications from all over Europe and sometimes from further afield. Single candidates playing Piano, Violin, Viola or Cello compete for places. Already formed ensembles also apply.

Video or Audio recordings can be sent. All the teachers will listen to each of these and then judge who may take part.

An audition should convincingly show the applicant’s suitability and include both chamber music works and solo renderings.

As many recordings as wished may be offered. If they are not considered to be sufficient for an audition, then more may be requested.

Convincing performance of Chamber Music works is the requisite for a successful audition, particularly in the case of pianists. Solo recordings are of course also very important.

String players:

  1. One (or more) movements from a Sonata, Partita or Suite for Violin, Viola or Cello by J. S. Bach
  2. Further solo recordings: for solo String Instrument or String Instrument as soloist with orchestra or String Instrument with piano
  1. Chamber Music recordings of 3 or more players (Trio, Quartet, Quintet…)
    Additionally we also enjoy listening to Duo recordings (e.g. 2 string players).



  1. Chamber Music for 3 or more players (Trio, Quartet, Quintet…)
    Gladly with the addition of Sonatas for piano and one string or wind instrument, or Lied accompaniment.
  1. Solo recordings for either piano solo or concerto with orchestra



Ensembles should submit not only Chamber Music recordings but also each member should send in solo recordings as listed for the String Players and Pianists.

Mira Marton, Prague Concert, colluvio 2020
The pianists Polina Sasko and Dmytro Choni, participants in 2013

Please send recordings together with a CV by e-mail to office@colluvio.com , as a mail attachment or link, so that they can be sent on to all the teachers.

There is no age limit. Please, however, include your date of birth and nationality, if this is not already included in the CV.

Concert in Prague , colluvio 2020. Petar Krokar, Sztella Molnár

The next project is planned for circa 25.07.-16.08.22:

The final date for submitting recordings is 15. 02. 2022!


After 01. 03. 2022 each applicant will be informed if he or she has been chosen to participate.
Only then can successful candidates complete their application.


For the 21-day project the inclusive cost per participant amounts to € 450.-
This includes the fee for the Master Classes, board and lodging at Gut Hornegg as well as board and lodging during the whole tour.

At Gut Hornegg there is no possibility of spending money and all necessities will be provided. Everything is paid for on the tour.

The  subscription of € 450.- (for scholarship holders € 200.-) is to be regarded as a registry fee. The actual costs for each player amount to far more, taking into consideration the exclusive care of 4 teachers for only 9-12 participants and the high expenses on the tour (travel, hotels, restaurants, hire of concert halls, professional recordings…).

Each participant pays for his or her own travel to Gut Hornegg and for their journey home after the final concert.

To avoid misunderstandings:
The total fee is € 450.-. There are no additional costs!

Concert in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, colluvio 2021. Israel Gutiérrez, Ruslan Strogiy, Jelena Horvat


If needed, participants living in countries in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe can apply to colluvio after successful audition for a bursary, which could enable their charges to be reduced to € 200.-.

In order to reduce individual costs, all those taking part are advised to contact the consulate of their home country (in Austria) and try to obtain financial support there.

Further, all participants studying in Germany are recommended to apply for free membership of the GVL Berlin.  This organisation subsidises up to 50% of the costs of Master Classes. Also Music Academies are supportive of participation in colluvio courses or are willing to help towards travel expenses.

Great joy after the 2021 première

Final date for registration is 15.03.2022

This is the final date on which the fee has to be paid by and the registration form submitted (per Scan or per Post).

Anmeldeformular (deutsch)

Registration form (English)

formular za prijavljivanje (srpskohrvatski)

Sebastián Mendoza, Belgrade Concert, colluvio 2021

Transferring the fee

By 15. 03. 2022  the registration fee of € 450.- (or less, if a scholarship has been granted) should be transferred to the following account:

Account title: “colluvio, Verein für Kammermusik und die internationale Jugend”
Raiffeisenbank Preding/Austria

IBAN: AT06 3849 9000 0502 4963

If a player who is already registered has to cancel for unforeseeable reasons, the full amount of € 450.- will only be refunded if the candidate in question can guarantee an adequate substitute. If this is not the case, we can only give a refund of € 200.-.

Holders of scholarships who are only required to pay € 200,- towards costs will not be given a refund unless, like all other prospective candidates, they can provide an adequate substitute player.

In such an eventuality we are sure to find a solution if we stay in good contact and communication with one another. Up till now there have hardly been any cancellations from candidates who were already registered.

Israel Gutiérrez, Itam Gutiérrez. Première in Hornegg, colluvio 2021
Assia Weissmann, Belgrade Concert, colluvio 2021

In case of necessary cancelation…

Due to both the solo rôle in chamber music works and the low number of participants for the many concerts, the musical responsibility of each instrumentalist is naturally of utmost importance. The cancellation of one player would affect not only his or her ensemble members, but also the realisation of the whole project.

If in an orchestra one string player is missing, the concert can nevertheless take place. Not so with colluvio: here each player is a soloist. What would his fellow partners do without him/her?

A cancellation of an already registered participant would have negative consequences on the whole project. The later this news reaches us, the worse it would be. It is only with luck that we could then find a suitable substitute immediately prior to the course.

Participation obliges each player to commit himself/herself to the whole project inclusive of all concerts. It is advised to bring a small supply of emergency medicaments (immune-supportive… if necessary).

Ruslan Strogiy. Belgrade Concert 2021
Garwyn Linnell, Prague Concert, colluvio 2020