Students with prof. Jurij Kot, 2012
The programme is created by the teachers and will be prepared by the participants during classes and performed on tour. If there is enough time to work on additional chamber music or solo pieces, this is very welcome and in harmony with the course’s philosophy.
Manor ‘Gut Hornegg’ near Preding in the South of Styria, Austria

Course’s address:
Meinhard Holler
Schloß Hornegg
A-8504 Preding
Mobile: (+43) 699/ 1052 6873
Phone: (+43) 3185/ 2304

during class in Austria (+43) 699/ 1052 6873 or on tour (+49) 176/ 700 39 051, (+43) 699/ 1052 6873 and (+381) 64/ 2609101

Arrival: Arrival on manor ‘Gut Hornegg’ on Sunday, 28th July 2019 around 6 pm
Departure: Departure from Belgrade on 20.08.2019
Period: Classes start from 29.07.2019 until 08.08.2019. Tour starts afterwards.

How to arrive at manor ‘Gut Hornegg’ (location for classes), starting from Graz:
’Gut Hornegg’ is located at a distance of approximately 30 km from Graz. Near Graz, always keep direction ‘Slovenia/ Maribor’ on the highway. The exit’s name from the highway is ‘Wundschuh’. Continue on the main road passing three villages: pass ‘Wundschuh’ and continue until ‘Zwaring’. Keep straight on in direction ’Preding’ (you won’t arrive at Preding). Ca. 2 km behind ‘Pöls’, after the horse farm "Reitstall Stoisser", at km 17 turn right in direction ‘Gantschenberg’. At this point you can see a fish which indicates the fish-breeding of manor ’Gut Hornegg’. The fish helps you find your way another two times. You should go to the administrative house before the castle of Hornegg when you arrive.